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I'm most of the way through the series. Impressed with how many jokes they've hidden throughout. Unfortunately, there's only one or two episodes that I can say we're really good. Sad. What'd you think?


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Still got a few more of these to watch myself however I am really enjoying them :) I love how they have followed it on completely from when it finished back in 2006 and how they are now linking it to the movie aswell that they are making. Looking forward to finishing watching these myself and seeing how it ends with the series.


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Have to agree with Shortie861, I really enjoyed Arrested development and Eileen yes the jokes hidden throughout are great. Love it!!


I saw that this show has excellent rating on IMDB but I have never watched it. Mainly because it started many years ago and I wonder if it will be interesting if I start watching the first season which is probably 7-8 years old?


I loved the new season. Although I think the episodes could've been in a different order as it only really starts to make sense by GOB 1. But by the end I was really impressed and i can't wait for the movie/Season 5.

It's ok to start watching the first series now, I only started watching it about 2/3 years ago myself anyway.


I love the original show and I really, really wanted to like the new season, but in spite of the clever structure the whole thing felt like a retread. Plus some of the humour felt more uncomfortable than it used to, so I gave up six episodes in.

Should I have finished? If the payoff is worth it I could go back, I guess.


I think so! Cause it get's better after Episode 6. I missed Episode 6 and ended up watching that after Episode 13 and found it made more sense :)


My wife and I keep saying we are going to pick the show back up, catch the new episodes etc. Tough with 3 kids but this thread has me back on track. The kids are going back to school soon so there will be the opportunity to catch up.


I watched Arrested Development after finishing LOST, and it was a big change. An action and drama TV show turned into a humorous show. Anyways, I found Arrested Development to be decent. The first three seasons was the seasons I really enjoyed. It showed them how they dealt with their family, what they did, and how they felt towards eachother. You can see which relationships are good or decent cough cough Buster and Lucille, and some relationships which were... not that great, such as GOB and Michael, or father son, Michael and George Michael.

The last season was a big disappointment after a hiatus. It basically paved the way for the ending, and that's how I felt about the last season; an ending season. I don't think Arrested Development will be returning, or they will live another season since it ended with a "next time on Arrested Development" but after that, the show is done.


There will be a movie though, Hurwitz said. Plus it's already been part filmed cause Jason Bateman has also stated a few scenes, whether they'll be included or not, have already been filmed.

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