Are you a HARDCORE or CASUAL Tokusatsu fan?

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Me? I've just now decided I am a CASUAL Tokusatsu fan.

When it comes to DVDs, if there are cheaper alternatives to Toei's expensive DVDs, that are legit and not bootlegs, then I will buy them. Should a series be exclusively available on Toei's official DVD's then I'll make DAMN SURE that I want this series.

Being realistic, I don't believe that I'm going to collect and watch each and every series or movie.

I do download some shows, but these days I have way too many shows to watch, with the many Anime DVDs that have yet to be watched. Right now I'm only downloading Kamen Rider Fourze through Bit Torrent.

As for Toys and Merchandise, I very rarely buy them. I would only buy them for novelty reasons, plus I don't have a whole lot of space for them.

But what about YOU? Are you a Casual or Hardcore Toku fan?


most likely I am a casual one. I only watch KR from toku. like u said, to many to watch. I feel lazy to follow sentai though I wish I can. I wanna re-watch Shaider [childhood toku] though forget to search for it. In terms of buying toku stuff, I only have SHFiguarts Kabuto, HyperKabuto and COR Kabuto extender since I have limited budget. I wish I could have each KR from KR1 though.


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I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore or casual fan. I'm somewhere in between. I mean I really love Tokusatsu but I won't be so crazed or anything. I don't wanna be the number-one Toku fan. I just wanna be a fan.
I feel like I'm kinda in the middle.

For Sentai, I do feel hardcore.

Kamen Rider, almost hardcore (particularly the Heisei Era).

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Depends on what you mean by "hardcore" and "casual," really. I don't consider myself a casual fan, but I'm nowhere near a hardcore one. I enjoy watching toku, and usually keep up with the current ones as well as work my way through a couple of older ones (i.e. ones that were on before I got into toku) at any particular time. For instance, right now I'm watching Fourze, Gokai and the new Garo, but am also watching Sazer X, Liveman and Dairanger when I have more free time.

I don't usually buy merch and will probably never buy dvds unless I find I absolutely love a show, since I rarely re-watch things.

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i say i'm in the middle. i don't believe you have to see every series and movie, i see the ones i want. i wish i could collect toys, but i need a credit card to order online, hey i'm only 19. but i am applying for a visa card soon and plan on getting a few toys, just for collectors sake. i do have dvd/blu rays though, kiva, ooo, mega monster battle among my favorites. despite all this, tokusatsu has and always will be the epidemy of cool.


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Definitely casual. I do wish all those vids of toku shows on YT didn't get purged so I can get to watch more SS and KR series.


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I'm like in the middle when it comes to Tokusatsu, but when it comes to Japanese or Korean Idols I go beyond the word Hardcore


i'll go between casual and hardcore as I see.
I try to balance.. Not as hardcore as others but casual and I'm aware and follow Tokusatsu unlike others maybe outside this forums who do not even understand what is tokusatsu. gihi


Somewhere between casual and hardcore. I try to keep up with the current series and have at least one other series that I'm watching at the same time.


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Definatley hardcore. I actually enjoyed Den-O, and go-Onger. Im actually wearing a Ichigo shirt as I type this.

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I live, Eat and sleep Toku, Though i don't buy toys and stuff, You should see my Toku collection on my 1TB external :thumbs:

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