Are there any other Ranger action figure lines other than Legacy and SHF?

Hi guys.

So I've been looking up on the internet for Sentai/PR action figures for sale and I've only be able to find Bandai America 4-5 inch figures and Figuarts.

4-5 inch figs are too small and simple, while the Figuarts are lovely but too expensive for my liking.

Whereas Kamen Riders have always have this kid-friendly line (Cast off, Arms change, Tire Koukan,...) where you get relatively well-articulated, nicely detailed 6 inch figures of different Riders, each featuring the transformation gimmick of the character they represent (Drive's tires, Gaim's metal fruits, Kabuto's exploding shell,...), which are all at a very reasonable price (around 10$ MSRP).

Do you know whether Super Sentai also have such kind of figures?
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In terms of PR, Bandai is starting to release 6.5 inch figures that actually look pretty nice. Also, if you get a whole team, you can complete a megazord (Doesn't transform, but pretty neat.). At the moment, Ninja Storm is the only "complete team" *excluding extra Rangers for now* (Some MMPR as well). It does sound like Bandai may do all the teams, but be patient in waiting for your favorite team. You can see a review here (Thanks to MMPRToys). Hope this helps for now.

These actually look really nice! I'm definitely gonna buy them when they surface.

Thanks, mate, now I just have to find larger KR figs for scale :laugh:

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