Arcane can now celebrate because it’s renewed!  Netflix shows have to explode before it got an early announcement for another season. Most shows either get canceled or have to wait for 6 months to a year before an announcement for renewal. Based from the League of Legends lore, Arcane is a 9 episode CGI animated series. It is a prequel to the game as it explores the origin stories of different LOL characters. The series is such a pleasure to watch that even people who don’t play the games become a fan.
The Cell Shaded style animation felt like seeing paintings being animated. So this series is going to age well even two decades from now.
The most recent CGI adaptation of games in Netflix is not as successful because of bad writing. Dragon’s Dogma and Resident evil...

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Essex Village
Netflix is so obsessed with the success of this show they forced the same plot to Resident Evil and failed miserably.