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Arcade1Up is going to have a packed 2021. They just revealed their lineup of new products for the next few months, and there are some real killers coming your way, if you have the instinct.

Look at this lovely machine! An authentic recreation of the Killer Instinct arcade unit — we never thought we’d see that, especially with the 90s Rare logo stamped all over it. Rare released four arcade games during the brief period they made them, and all four are playable here: KI, KI 2, Battletoads, and Battletoads / Double Dragon.
The Big Important Question is if the Killer Instinct cabinet says “COMING IN THE FALL OF 1995, FOR YOUR NINTENDO ULTRA 64!!” when you turn it on. Unfortunately the arcade KI is already available for XBox One and the message has been removed there. If an altered version already exists, and Arcade1Up has never licensed anything from Nintendo, we don’t expect to get that message on the machine. Worse...
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