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The Pandemic makes it challenging to predict when will the global economy opens up again.Disney tried to cut with their losses by making a Cinematic movie like Mulan into a rental movie. It resulted in an overly polarizing reaction from the audiences and critics alike. Theatrical releases from Motion Picture companies are becoming rare. Most theaters have reruns and Independent films.
Fox and Marvel’s New Mutants was a failure at the box office. No time to die is Daniel Craig’s last movie as James Bond because he wanted to move one from the role. This movie was in developmental hell for a long time. Tom Hiddleston almost got the coveted role of the British playboy icon. Daniel Craig was done with playing the character despite MGM offering him a large amount of money. Craig eventually accepted playing Bond again, for lesser money than he got initially offered.

After multiple negotiations, MGM gets to convince Craig to play 007 for one last time. One of the...
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