Anyone playing the "Evolve" beta this weekend?

New Member
Jan 17, 2015
I'm trying to get into the beta for upcoming game "Evolve" but it's having issues for me. Trying to find a match while in a party is brutally long and several times my team mates have been dropped at the last second. I realize it's a beta and not indicative of the final version but it's frustrating nonetheless.

However, when it's working and loading properly, the game is a GREAT deal of fun! While most people like to play as the monster I really enjoy being one of the hunters. It's a cat and mouse game between man and beast in a fight to the finish. My biggest question is this: Will this game have legs to last longer than a few months after it releases? I can see where this formula may get old after awhile and I'm not sure if it will have that long lasting appeal.

Anyone else have any thoughts? Are you participating in the beta or waiting until its release?