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Last year it was said that they would have to wait until 2015 to do a third season to AkibaRanger. Has anyone heard any rumblings about this still happening?


It's cancelled because fans were upset that season 2 was nothing but a shameless promotion for the Sh Figurarts and not focusing enough on Sentai. Bandai was also pissed that they made fun of Ultraman in the last episode so they put pressure on Toei to cancel the show.

Just kidding :laugh: thats my reason for why I think its cancelled. Where did you hear that season 3 was coming in 2015?
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Feb 19, 2005
I wouldn't mind Season 3...heck combine the aspects of Season 1 and 2...plus make'em team up with the Official Sentai. Team them with Gokaiger if anything. Take the Power Rangers ribbing further, the Zyu/Powerful Rangers isn't enough. Battlizers and all the stupid stuff Saban came up with...Night Flight's Dynaman for crying out loud.

I mean Hatte Saburo is currently trying to make Akiba an Official Sentai, watch the Taisen Shorts. Between Season 1 and 2, not to mention all the stuff left unexplained, 4th Wall, etc...you can make 49-53 episode season of Akibaranger if they wanted to.

Or do a spin-off...AKIBA-RIDER!!!

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Mar 20, 2012
I can't say I'd heard any rumours that they had to wait until 2015. Akibaranger seemed to be very much the baby of head writer Naruhisa Arakawa. He hasn't written for an official Sentai since Gokaiger and seems to be concentrating on anime instead for now.

I wouldn't mind seeing more so long as it was at the same quality level as the first two series. I think they'd also need at least the actors for Akagi (red), Yumeria (yellow) and Hakase to come back. It wouldn't be Akibaranger without those three. But if they couldn't, or if they weren't certain that they could make it as funny as the existing episodes then I'd rather that they drew a line underneath it. Use the timeslot to make an original Metal Hero mini-series or something instead. But PLEASE don't let the network commission any more 'Kanpai Senshi After V'! :shakefist
Take the Power Rangers ribbing further, the Zyu/Powerful Rangers isn't enough. Battlizers and all the stupid stuff Saban came up with...
Akibaranger was very much about things that Naruhisa Arakawa was familiar with. He apparently has a major chip on his shoulder about Power Rangers because in his view they've repeatedly re-filmed episodes that he's written for Sentai but refused to credit him for it. Which is why the Powerful Rangers episode was basically angry raging about arrogant Americans appropriating Sentai for themselves without acknowledging where it comes from. I really doubt that he watches it.