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Passing the Turing Test is the ultimate goal of robot builders: that is, creating an AI so advanced that an actual human cannot tell the difference. But what if, as a consequence, you could be a robot and not realize it? That’s the question indie developers Metagalaxy Panda are dramatizing in their roguelike card battling game Anti-TuringTest (we’re not sure what the reason is for the lack of the space there).
You’ll be using your deck to engage one-on-one against enemies in your quest to find out your true origin. You won’t know which of them are robots either. With each battle you win, you’ll acquire more powerful cards and equipment, and get closer to the truth.

Strategy playing based on DBG style

Fragmented story: We have buried the truth and history into every one of your journey

Endgame growth system: After every game, your achievement will be calculated into Tungsten points.

Weapon: The second character only can use weapons, and the weapon has attack, defend, tactic...
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