ANITA DIRECTOR´S CUT Review: The Eternal Sunset of an Icon

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Jan 10, 2020
The recent trend of bringing to the big screen the life of musical icons, was the perfect occasion to finally bring Anita Mui´s life into cinema. A long time project by producer Bill Kong (Anita´s close friend) who has finally found the perfect timing to turn this project into a reallity, finding the right people that could deliver a biopic that could be measured with the immensity of Anita Mui´s legacy. Bringing her back to life through the magic of the seventh art as that one in a lifetime artist, queen of canto pop and legend of cinema that transcends the boundaries of entertainment as an eternal myth.
The film has been one of the big winners of the latest Hong Kong film awards, with five awards to its name, best new performer (Louise Wong), Best supporting actress (Fish Lew), Best costume and and make up design, best visual effects, and best sound design. Nevertheless, is not about the film of what I´m about to write on the next lines, if not of Longman Leung´s director´s cut...

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This article is enough to explain how intense this film is. The facghat it has a legendary story line made me eager😍