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So you’re in the mood to play a tabletop game based on an anime…but which one? There are so many popular properties out there. Why not choose “ALL OF THEM” with the upcoming tabletop game LokDown?
Developed by game design company Nor Cal Mythos in California, LokDown creates a world where any classic anime trope or character type can be realized. It’s “designed to let you be anything from a Demonic Gunslinger to a Kitsune Shapeshifter to a Cyborg Z-Fighter and everything in between,” they say. As for what kind of world this is possible in, they’ve put a lot of thought into it. The backstory is a bit too dense to summarize here and best read on the Kickstarter page (it’s looooong), but here’s a taste:
When the alarms blared, announcing the end of stasis, the crews and their families slowly awoke to find their vessels had all crashed on a strange alien world. The only message from Admiral Lok: A call for...
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