Anime Awards 2023 Nominations Are Here, With One Very Elegant Standout

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<p>Crunchyroll has revealed the nominees for their 2023 Anime Awards. There was tight competition this year with, along other things, Demon Slayer, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and the never-ending ending of Attack On Titan all competing for limited slots….but one anime managed to stand out and get nominated in nearly every category it was eligible for. Can you guess which one?</p>


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Spyxfamily better win a lot of Awards, The writer may hate his creation but people loves it. It shows you dont have to be blood to become a family.


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I notice anime titles not in Crunchy roll are not nominated for any single category.

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The number of nominations for Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer makes me question whether or not the judges watch anime. Having ALL of the newest Shounen at the upcoming awards event will be an adventure. I don't know much about the judges, but I'm beginning to question whether or not they watch anime. Stone Ocean and Chainsaw guy are both considerably superior.


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New crunchyroll prize, complaint received. Actually, I don't like the nominees very well. It's just so unbearably dull. The nominees omitted so many of my favorites. All I can make out are Aot, the Spys, and the demon slayer. At least Cyperbunk is there, I suppose. I hope they succeed, as if Chainsaw Man, Bleach TYBW, or Mob Psycho 100 had been included, they would have dominated and they probably wanted to avoid a replay of the JJK issue. Given that Chainsaw Man was the most anticipated MAPPA production, it is more likely that it would have been a top contender.


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Not a single anime marketed to girls got nominated. They should change this into Shounen awards.


As if the absence of autumn released anime titles wasn't bad enough. It is remarkable that I must go to Lycoreco in order to find an anime that is not deemed to be part of the year's popular anime selection. I do not believe that any anime from autumn 2022 was nominated for any awards. Has Crunchyroll altered its criterion for what qualifies as eligible?


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Why do I feel like there are so few options available? Even the best animated films from 2018 were only nominated for one or two prizes because there were so many excellent films made that year. There were no categories for anime from the fall in the awards.
Spyxfamily better win a lot of Awards, The writer may hate his creation but people loves it. It shows you dont have to be blood to become a family.
I wish them much success in their future endeavors because this is what is required of productions in order for them to become more and more successful over time.

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