Android 21 Lab Coat version will finally be playable in Dragon Ball FighterZ

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Android 21 debuted as the Final Boss Dragon Ball Fighters but she was only playable on her Majin form. Lab coat Android 21 will now be playable as she is the next DLC. She won’t be an alternate costume because she will be a stand-alone character instead. Her Human form has a different fighting style and her personality shows her personal struggle as she fights her urges to consume people.
Android 21 Lab Coat Trailer

Android 21 instantly became a fan favorite and fans had been requesting to make her canon. Just like how a movie-only villain like Broly became canon. She is actually designed by Akira Toriyama so she is technically his creation. For Now, she is a Game only character but her popularity as a villain might finally make her canon. They might rewrite her story though just like what they did with Broly.
Dragon Ball Franchise never had a major female villain. Mai and Android 18 were villains but they are not...

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If we can have 900 versions of Goku, we surely have a right to have this version of Android 21. Her lab coat version is more powerful looking than her child like Majin mode.