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Many have said that one hero is the best way to go with this. I also agree with this statement. To have a new helmet sculpted costs anywhere between $800.00 - $1200. If we make the decision that all the heroes will have the same helmet design, with different colors, then we can buy kits for $350-$400. Then there's the costume itself. We can get a catsuit from the zentai costume guys off ebay, and develop a foam chest protector for about the same price as the helmet.

you know the prop team over at France five have a whole site where they chronicle how they went about creating the suits and stuff. The new helmets took them 6 month to make! (altough I'm guessing a lot of it was part time) but they explain the process rather thoroughly.

Maybe there's a way to get a blank helmet and do the customising from there? I'm sure we can contact those who sell them on ebay.

On a side note I learned that my Great aunt just gave me 2 500$ (CAN) that she had in an investment fund for me! My mom is gonna put 2000 of that in another long term fund. Maybe one day I'll be able to contribute to a real company with that money :D

I think the Striker idea would work well as a comic/manga.

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