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Amsterdam is a movie so huge that the poster has no pictures and faces. Just the name of the actors alone! From the Lead roles to the supporting cast, everyone is an A-lister. Thanks to this promotional tool, I don’t need to enumerate their names. These names can lead a Box office movie on their own, but they are all in the same flick. David O. Russell, The man behind American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook has written and directed this future classic inspired from craziest news story in American history. People are already speculating that Amsterdam is an Oscar contender base from the ensemble alone. Maybe except from Taylor Swift since she starred in some box office bombs as she is more of a singer-songwriter than an actress.
Most movie posters use the faces of the actors...

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This movie is undoubtedly a contender for the Academy Award! The plot entices you to go to the cinema and actually find out what happens, and the cast seems spectacular with many outstanding actors. Plus, the trailer doesn't reveal anything! The cast of stars has me so pumped!


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Because of all the well-known names, clearly someone invested a lot of money in this. Damn, there are a lot of well-known actors in this movie. From the trailer, it appears to be an interesting story. Solid cast, solid direction, and hopefully strong writing.


You can expect a particularly high caliber script and production when a lot of great celebrities agree to collaborate on a picture that isn't a cash cow franchise blockbuster or isn't entirely shot in a green screen studio.


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This one is automatically on the Academy's radar just because of the David O. Russell's resume, let alone the cast. Here's hoping the end product can match or exceed the sum of its parts.
It's important to separate the artist from the work because "AMSTERDAM" director, who abused his niece, is a nasty person. I just cannot deny myself from watching this movie that is pregnant with potential.