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Amnesia Rebirth is released today for PS4 and the PC. It is the direct sequel of the hit Survival horror game Amnesia Dark Descent. This Survival horror game is so influential that the Resident Evil series comes back to its horror roots and becomes a first-person horror game on the sequels Resident evil VII and Resident evil VILLAGE.
Amnesia is a Survival horror series where you rely on your wits and bravery because you don’t have weapons to defend yourself. It is all stealth and keep-away. The character you control has Amnesia, and you have to investigate to know the past of the character you control.
If you want to catch up with the whole series before playing this installment, you can try the Amnesia collection released in 2016. The compilation aged well. That special edition contains the Original game Amnesia Dark Descent, the DLC Amnesia Justine, and Amnesia: Machine for pigs.
Amnesia Rebirth works as a standalone game. The previous iterations can be optional...
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