American Ninja on tv

Dec 1, 2016
This is one show that never bores me because the competition is exciting. American Ninja is an obstacle course competition that is very difficult such that only a few could reach the finish line. It has created some celebrities in the competitors like Kacy Catanzaro, the first woman to reach the finish line in the elimination round. So if you like to see great physical challenges, watch American Ninja. I think it is now season 7 of the American Ninja.
New Member
Jul 13, 2017
My kids like to watch this show and I have to agree that it is very interesting to watch these people compete in the challenge. I like that they give you backstory on the competitors and some of their stories are rather inspiring. I think it is great that women are becoming more into this too and are achieving such accomplishments. I think they make good role models for young people.