America Chavez is causing some controversy for Multiverse of Madness in some countries


America Chavez is one of the new Superheroes Marvel is trying to push in the comics. For a New character, Marvel made her too strong. I can confidently say that she is strong enough to curb stomp Wonder Woman. Her punches can create worlds and dimensions. She is making her live-action debut as Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness. This movie will be the big break for teen actress Xochitl Gomez, and she needed this role after Netflix canceled her show Babysitters Club. If her portrayal of this rising superhero gets popular enough, it could lead to a solo movie or Disney Plus Series.
You can get to know America Chavez on her origin story uploaded by Marvel.

Marvel is trying to make America Chavez the next big thing, but her existence leads to the film’s ban in some countries. Countries in the Middle East...

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Marvel will lose nothing for standing for what they believe because there are still billions of people who wants to watch their movies.


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As you said, there's no romantic interest or expressions in this instance so I don't see what all the racket is about. Disney is the next one too, they seem to thrive on controversies. They're enjoying this. 🤣


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The Actress playing America Chavez is now receiving death threats from Homophobic and racist fans. The Actress is not Gay but she is just playing a Gay character. It is so low of them to attack a 16 year old girl.


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Marvel is really persistent with America Chavez. They really want her to be the next big thing.


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Now Piracy is legal in Russia, Russians who are deprived of LGBT content can now watch this movie. The irony!
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I hope Netflix uncancels Babysitter Club after this movie becomes a hit because the main America's actress is on that show.


I heard there are countries that wants to ban Miss Marvel too because Kamala is non Hijabi Muslim, they want her with Hijab.


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I want to have the ability to travel through the multiverse. A world where there is no war and everyone are happy.

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