Amazon Is Publishing The Next Tomb Raider -- What Does That Mean?

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Peter Paltridge

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<p>Some weird news entered the video game industry in the last few hours — Amazon is getting involved in Tomb Raider. Hearing this name in relation to the brand is rather unexpected, as for one thing, the TR property is currently owned by someone who ISN’T Amazon, and two, Amazon rarely gets involved in things it can’t own 100%.</p>


High Heat
Since I'm excited to see how the new Tomb Rider game will look, I am hoping that the developers have decided to stick with the Unreal Engine instead of switching to a different engine because they are now working with Amazon, or whatever the case may be. Due to the fact that Amazon is a completely unknown entity in the gaming industry, I do not believe we have sufficient information to form opinions. As a publisher, Amazon causes me concern. They have only released three video games to date: a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) set in Korea, another MMO that received middling reviews and has since been largely forgotten, and a first-person shooter that was only available for one month before being put back into beta and quietly discontinued that same year.


The magnitude of Amazon's influence will determine my feedback. If, for instance, the new Tomb Raider has the same level of quality as the most recent Lord of the Rings series, or if it has the same level of quality as any other mass-produced garbage available on Amazon Luna or garbage gaming streaming services such as Netflix Gaming, I will be extremely disappointed. I'm an optimist, and I have high hopes that the developers will create a fun game with a captivating story and some character development for Lara.

Ethan Kirchner

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I sincerely hope this does not pertain to Amazon Luna, as I dislike playing games in the cloud. Given that I find it offensive to refer to Amazon Luna as the "Netflix of Games," both download and physical copy options should be made available. Consider the failure of Google Stadia. I'm hoping it can better integrate previous and current Lara games. I miss the days when I could do a backflip while holding two pistols over a T-Rex.

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