Alien: Isolation behind "Creating the Cast"

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Alien: Isolation behind "Creating the Cast"

The "Creating the Cast" trailer for Alien: Isolation, released Friday, is closer akin to a director's promotional diary depicting their creative process than it is a game trailer trying to get players hyped for the new title. But longtime fans of the Alien franchise will probably appreciate the almost cinematic treatment by which The Creative Assembly is handling the new Alien game.

The "Creating the Cast" trailer for Alien: Isolation focuses on the mo-cap acting and...
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Alien is an absolute classic. It brought us something completely unique, was well ahead of its time, and whilst nothing famously happens for the 1st 45mins, it is an absolute joy to explore the working world of 70's / 80's technology with a futuristic twist and the suspense really builds

It's a masterclass in creating a world, without the need for excessive exposition, and building up suspense to a superb conclusion and satisfying ending.

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