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Jan 14, 2018
Many critics and fans alike had declared Akira as the greatest Cinematic Anime of all time. Akira was a 1988 Anime movie that has been globally influential. If you enjoyed movies like The Matrix trilogy, Chronicle, and Looper then you will love Akira because all of those films are influenced by it.
The King of Pop Michael Jackson was also a fan that his Music video for his song “scream” has influences from Akira too. “Scream” was his duet with his sister Janet Jackson. It has been 32 years and this Anime movie is still timeless.
Akira was set in the year 2019. It is nothing like 2019 that we know because it is set in a futuristic dystopian cyberpunk world. 31 years ago The Japanese government nuked Tokyo because of troubles caused by a failed experiment on Children with ESP. Kaneda, A Biker tries to find his missing friend Tetsuo who got caught to be used for a government project.
Hollywood attempted to remake this film several times but never come to fruition...

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