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The Emperor of the Last Empire
It is 50XZ. The world is divided into 3 world; Sky, Land and Nether. All three worlds are in the same world but neither of them exposed to each other.

The Sky World is the world where people are living on floating mechanical islands. All people are living in a futuristic lifestyle like the past always dreamed off.

But, every good things have its own prices. As the technology are getting better, so is human greed and ego. War happens everywhere, and the participants are organizations made by governments. It is a normal scene.

The first known organizations are called Affliate Keisatsu. It is situated in Justified Island, the place known as a huge tourist magnet. The group are based on a group in the ancient called Affliate Corps. The organization is supposed to unofficially protect people without any paycheck, but greed and ego made them the official government organizations. It is known as the strongest group ever, reigning over 100 islands.

The members can be either grown-ups or students, as the age restriction is not really strict. Thus, a lot of students, especially from noble families join the team.

The motives of the group is to discover the secret that Shraffe, the last leader of Affliate Corps before its downfall, hid. It is heard that the secret is the key to win the war ad thus conquering all the islands exist.

The second known organizations are called as Special Squadron. It is situated in Harishama Island. The group are the closest rival of Affliate Keisatsu, and served as the second strongest organizations. Even so, they can still defeat the Affliate at some point.

Much like Affliate, there is no strict age limit. People are free to join if they wanted to.

The motives of the group is to search for a place called Sanctuary, which is hidden somewhere on the surface of the earth. It is rumored that the location holds the most dangerous weapon ever built.

Some of teenagers saw the whole corruption in the war and decided to rise and join it secretly. They formed a group called Mirai Savior. Even if they are small in number, most of their members are one-man army. They are now known either as a thug who just wanted to have their own free way, or a saviour to end the war.

Land World is a world that appears underground, directly under the Sky World. Somehow sunlight can still reach the place through some holes. The people are living in a lifestyle exactly the same as the past citizens.

But, the evil exist in the form of Terrajin, a group of human possessed by the demon-like power. The Terrajin aatack the human and tries to break out of the world and invade another worlds.

Two groups emerged in order to counter the attacks. The first group is called Majin. The members used the power of elements and create a device to channel the powers into their body. The second group is called as Shining Earth. It is consist of the descendents of the past heroes using the same powers.

Even if they are different, the two groups will continuously fight together with one single goal; to defeat the Terrajin once and for all.

Nether World is situated in the unknown parts of the world. It is said that the world is in another realm of the earth, as it is situated nearby the Sanzu River. The world is known as the worst world ever, as the lifestyle of people inside there are the worst lifestyle human ever had.

Sanzu River are the world's main drinks and human's mind are polluted by all the evil inside the river. As the only thing left in their mind is friendship and loyalty, the world's citizen does a lot of sinful acts as their routines.

To make matter worse, a group called Angels of the Heaven/AOTH are formed to destroy the world. Their reason is that they are thinking of doing a kind chairty to everybody.

A group of problematic teenagers, Pollutant Amplifier, mysteriously recovered a piece of humanity inside their soul and tries to counter the attacks, knowing the wrong in their reason. As they learned about the history of that world, they are trying to gain full humanity back to everyone's souls.

The three worlds are different in settings, cultures and geographies. But all of them are connected to a mysterious place called the Sanctuary. It is rumored that the only connectors of the worlds lies at the Sanctuary.

1. No godmodding.

2. Relationship are okay, but profanity are forbidden. Censored the words if possible.

3. Control your characters and NPC only. Characters can be registered up to 5 characters for each world. Remember to register the characters in the different sides.

4. Pay attention to posts. Each worlds will be placed in different threads.

5. Characters can either have the powers of any existed Toku Hero, American Hero, or Original Creation. Any Toku Hero or American Hero registered in Sky World must have their upgrades at least one. Majin in Land World can only have (insert element) Majin only.

6. Since this is the million years after the existed Toku Hero and the American Hero, all characters can have the same hero designation. Be sure to find a way to differentiate them, or the submitted characters will be rejected. Either way, first come first serve.

7. Pictures for the civillian form are not necessary. Describe it the best you can. Pictures for hero designation are a must if it is the Original Creation.

8. Any hero designation can be reserved. Make sure you finished up the bio.

Sky World:
Mirai Saviour:
Hakein Ramlee/Strikross(Syer1001) (Reserved)
Tiffany Kim/Black SoShi(Syer1001) (Reserved)
Kamen Rider Faiz(G.K.) (Reserved)
Kamen Rider New Den-O(daftBLUE) (Reserved)

Aina Ramlee/Samurai Yellow (NPC)

Affliate Keisatsu:
Hikari Hanaori/Future Police Kotoha(Syer1001) (Reserved)
Mika Shiraishi/Shinken Pink (Syer1001) (Reserved)

Special Squadron:
Shu Hino/Kamen Rider OOO(Syer1001) (Reserved)


Land World:
Andi Fiz/Neutral Majin(Syer1001) (Reserved)
Eri Matsui/Crystal Majin(Syer1001) (Reserved)
Fire Majin (Vacant)
Water Majin (Vacant)
Wind Majin (Vacant)
Wood Majin (Vacant)
Earth Majin (Vacant)
Dark Majin (Vacant)
Dust Majin (Vacant)
Light Majin (Vacant)
Lava Majin (Vacant)
Ice Majin (Vacant)
Thunder Majin (Vacant)
Steel Majin (Vacant)
Swift Majin (Vacant)
Yin Majin (Vacant)
Yang Majin (Vacant)

Shining Earth:

Shiraki Jun/Utopia Dopant(Syer1001) (Reserved)


Nether World:
Pollutant Amplifier:
Hassan Hashim/Hectic'er(Syer1001) (Reserved)

Angels of the Heaven:
Arashi Skick/Gosei Red(Syer1001) (Reserved)
Kamen Rider Odin(G.K.) (Reserved)


Shinken Red(Dark Kabuto) (Reserved)
Kamen Rider Joker(Dark Kabuto) (Reserved)
Iron Man(Icefish) (Reserved)
Kamen Rider Decade(D-Lord169) (Reserved)
Deka Master(Dark Kabuto) (Reserved)
Kamen Rider Kabuto(Galaxian) (Reserved)
Kamen Rider Zeronos(Galaxian) (Reserved)
Dragonranger(D-Lord169) (Reserved)
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Dark Kabuto

In Justice, We Trust!
Okay, I might be interested in joining. Can you reserve ShinkenRed, and Kamen Rider Joker for me?

Also, are customs allowed?


The Emperor of the Last Empire
make sure you decide which world and sides do you want to join.

and what do you mean by customs?:redface2:


Could you elaborate on the term "American Hero?" Are we talking the sort of Marvel/DC/Vertigo/whatever comic book hero or more like the Power Ranger/Beetleborgs/VR Troopers/whatever Americanized toku hero?


The Emperor of the Last Empire
Any OC characters are allowed. Even an upgraded from the pre-existing one is allowed.

Americanized hero are still known as Toku. American Hero are those Marvel/DC and any superheroes.

I mean, Japan is not the only place with superheroes, right?


I have a question about the use of existing heroes. Will we have to come up with a back story to explain their existence in the world you've created? Or Do we use their pre-exsisting back stories and just explain how our characters came in possession of them?


Any OC characters are allowed. Even an upgraded from the pre-existing one is allowed.

Americanized hero are still known as Toku. American Hero are those Marvel/DC and any superheroes.

I mean, Japan is not the only place with superheroes, right?
Fair enough. Just wanted to make sure.

Pencil me in for Iron Man. I'll see what I can come up with this weekend.


The Emperor of the Last Empire
To simplify, the story is setting in a world where ALL the superheroes lived in the same world while having their own story. It's like having Shinkenger's story while at the same time Rescue Fire is fighting Jakast somewhere int he same world.

The story starts million years after those canon storyline. So, you can simply say that the character are the descendent of the previous existed hero. Or, you can still create a better backstory for a better storyline.


Sounds good. Put me down for Faiz in in the sky world as a member of mirai savior. And Ryuga in the nether as a member of the angels of heaven.


Rider Champion
since this is a cross-over rpg can i also use super sentai rangers for decade too.
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The Emperor of the Last Empire
if you put that person in the sky world, then yes. since the sky world is a futuristic place, a lot of upgrade can be made to the pre-existing stuff. be sure to tell in the bio.