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It's not questions about the role you played, but it's rather the how you got there. Do you have any advices or a "how-to" type of thing for those of us looking to become actors? First thing would probably be how to even get an Agent or where to find one. And how do you know when and where auditions are?

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Starting an Acting career

Good question. My general advice is to go to drama school - although lots of people never do. Drama school helps you stay in the industry - it just allows you to understand when you're doing things badly and be able to correct it. It's a great foundation. From drama school you'll generally get an agent and then they will find you auditions. Although nowadays a lot more online audition sites are popping up and they work.

Do as many short films as you can - or make them with your friends and get them out there - especially online.

For me - all I did was go to three years drama school - I got an agent at the end and they got me a bunch of auditions. It's not for everyone but I loved drama school - had a blast!
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