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American Tokusatsu!!!
I don't expect anyone here to recognize me, since I've unfortunately been virtually inactive since first joining up several months ago; I've been quite busy trying to develop and refine an original Tokusatsu themed series that's been in my head for years now, ironically even before I heard of the term Tokusatsu! Finally reached a point where I feel ready to start posting my early concepts and doodles, and hopefully will begin writing the series itself very soon!

So here's the first of what I hope will be many conceptual designs for the central Tokusatsu characters of the series AdventDestiny [yes, the title of my series is the same as my username], greatly inspired by the likes of Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and Garo. These are the Archetypes, men and women who have come to possess ancient elemental artifacts that were ultimately the source of all the various myths and legends of the gods of the ancient world.


The colored sketch is Advent, a darkness themed Archetype, and one of the two central characters in the story; I was experimenting with colored pencils, tried to shade it too... sadly I picked the single worst color scheme to start out with! This gives a general idea of what Advent will probably look like once finalized, though I'm probably going to lose the blue color for the "soft" armor portions, I think a lighter shade of black or grey will work better.

The right hand sketches are of Eclipse, the death Archetype, a femme fatale twin to Advent. Her armor is meant to be very creepy arachnid/skeleton themed, with a feminine "pigtail" tipped with a scorpion stinger. The left hand sketch, below Advent, is for a currently unnamed fire themed Archetype, a hot-head with an armor design inspired by the Phoneix [which I plan to reimagine as a more aggressive, Archaeopteryx like creature.

More sketchs to come, hopefully leading to finalized designs!
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American Tokusatsu!!!
Soooo late, unfortunately I couldn't do any new pics today, I'm hoping to gather up some of my older materials and start posting it tomorrow as a consolation prize, just need to work on formatting the thumbnails so they don't fill up so much damn space!
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American Tokusatsu!!!
Better late than never! Finally got the chance to post these:


These are early designs for the two titular Archetypes, Advent and Destiny. Though they've gone through some slight alterations over the last 9 months, fundamentally I consider these to be what I expect the Archetypes in general to look like, each one having their own thematic or symbolic qualities based off of personality and elemental abilities.

This is only the tip of the iceberg...:thumbs:


American Tokusatsu!!!

All heroes need villains, and these are some of the villains of AdventDestiny. Meet the Entropy!

Developing these inhuman adversaries has been as long of a journey as developing the Archetypes, but once I settled on modeling the Archetypes off of Japanese Tokusatsu heroes, and naturally followed to model their enemies after the "monsters of the week", the sort of official term for them being Kaijin [not to be confused with the word Kaiju, which basically means giant monster]

Of course, the challenge is to make them feel as much a part of the AdventDestiny universe as the Archetypes, while also making them stand out enough to be easily distinguishable from the Archetypes. The primary inspiration for them, besides the Kaijin from many popular Tokusatsu franchises, is the classical myths of the enemies of the gods, the most well known examples being the Titans of Greek mythology; just as the Archetypes were responsible for the legends of ancient pantheons of gods, the Entropy are their antithesis, where the Archetypes represent creation, the Entropy represent destruction.

Their leader, known simply as Scourge, was one of the Archetypes once, one of the first to be exact, but in a classic case of power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, he became consumed by his elemental powers, which when taken from him, forced him to resort to taking new power from the very force the Archetypes had been created to battle... Entropy, the cessation of all things.

The other Entropy are higher minions created by Scourge, twisted mockeries of his former comrades. They in turn can create weaker, mindless minions and monsters from the environment, which are known as Revenants.

I plan on posting another page of the remaining Entropy later tonight, along with more details on their role in the story, and my plans for their development!


American Tokusatsu!!!

As promised, this is the second batch of preliminary sketches for the villains of my original Tokusatsu themed series AdventDestiny!

For me, it was very important to try and give each Entropy a distict appearance and personality. Character wise, they obviously can't be completely relatable to, being both inhuman and villains after all, though at the same time, they need to have personalities that would make them interesting to the readers of the stories. Most importantly, they have to be an intelligent and intimidating enemy, villains that don't become boring or lose their edge, as is often the fate of any antagonist of a long running series [which I genuinely hope AdventDestiny will one day become!]

Though not really visible here, the Entropy do have a common design feature that immediately ties them visually together; Scourge, the leader, has 7 eyes, signifying his position of complete control over the Entropy and their Revenant soldiers. His lieutenants all have 6 eyes [position on the head and symmetry vary between individuals]. The Revenants range in number between zero to 5 eyes, the number indicating power and intelligence [the lowliest Revenants are the no eyes, though at first it appears to have a single, often uneven eye, which is actually a mouth]

The Entropy are an ancient race of beings, formed of pure Entropic energy; because of the unusual energy that makes up their being, our space/time continuum disrupts their essential essence, forcing them to seal themselves in living suits of armor. They can infuse portions of their energy into the environment around them, transforming inanimate matter, plants, animals, even people, into the weaker Revenant minions. Revenants can be created in large numbers, or they can be fused together into larger and/or more powerful forms.

This provides two classic Tokusatsu scenarios that also feel pretty realistic, under the circumstances at least; the summoning of multitudes of cannon fodder minions, doomed to be destroyed in the hopes of slowing down or distracting the heroes of the story, and also provides ample opportunity to incorporate the famous "monster of the week" creation formula, with the Entropy being the highest ranking monsters orchestrating the events of the story.

There's actually one more Entropy I meant to do, couldn't fit him on the page, so I'll have to do him separately!


American Tokusatsu!!!

The last Entropy design, and this guy's a big one! Just for reference, the smaller figure is a normal, 6 ft. tall human, and by extension represents both the Archetypes and the other Entropy comparatively speaking!

Not much more to reveal about the Entropy's role in the story, especially since most of that story hasn't even been established yet! Personally, I'm fairly sure it'll be a character driven series; it's been shifting every few months, but currently there will be 18 Archetype characters, in addition to the 10 Entropy, not counting supporting characters and the customary weekly monster villains; at first it doesn't make since that there are more heroes than villains, but that's the thing, I'm hesitant on calling many of the Archetypes "heroes"...

AdventDestiny is a story about a diverse group of people, for the most part everyday people, who are given quite literally the power of the gods. Nothing about their new powers changes anything about them, and I personally believe that very few people would go down the same path of the likes of Superman.

Matter of fact, I'm imagining that the Archetypes may end up fighting each other more often then with the Entropy! I think I'm going to have to start working on personality types in addition to the physical designs for the Archetypes and the Entropy.


American Tokusatsu!!!
That's so weird, I've been playing Warframe recently, but I never envisioned the Entropy as being like Warframe; I've got some older, more detailed sketches of their armor that looks pretty different, I'll post them soon!


I meant all of them. Not that it's a bad thing, but the Archetypes REALLY look like they could comfortably stand next to Warframes and not stick out.

Mecha Kiryu

Ultraman Nexus Fan
I can see what you mean, it looks so much like him it'd be impossible to tell the difference! Nice drawing by the way.

The funny thing is that the only thing I really took from Taro are the horns. I got the middle fin and eyes from Agul, the chest plate is from Ultraseven and the unfinished shoulders are from Ginga. I think if I color it ( that'll probably make it worse ) people wouldn't see it as Taro much.


American Tokusatsu!!!

Honestly, I never imagined this would be so fun to do, designing abstract logos for each of the sixteen Archetypes [was eighteen several weeks ago, but there were just too many elements to maintain unique distinctions between individual Archetypes]

On the suits themselves, this emblem appears on the belt buckle, and on the backplate; the symbols are inspired by those used by the Kamen Riders from Kamen Rider Ryuki/Dragon Knight. Each Archetype has an element and unique, extraordinary creature that is associated with their powers and physical design.

I plan on working on each of these emblems on a larger scale, try and refine the designs. For the most part, I'm pretty happy with these first eight designs, though I may have to seriously rework the other designs.


The other half of the Archetype emblems I designed yesterday; some of these designs I'm not quite happy with, specifically the Water emblem [I think the just Shark creature is too... simple a concept for a mythical meta-beast], and the Thunder emblem [while I do like the idea of the Quetzalcoatl, I think the symbol itself is too different from the others]


I did this latest design for one of my lead Archetype characters in the upcoming AdventDestiny series; hopefully by this point you should all be seeing significantly less alterations in design from previous concepts.

When doing this sketch, I referenced the designs of other Tokusatsu heroes, specifically the suit designs of Kamen Rider and Chouseishin Gransazer. The key to the design here is to make something that could look equally good on both the male and female Archetypes; they will all have the core design you see here, composed of an undersuit of "soft" armor that is universal on all Archetypes.

Then there is the "hard" armor on the lower legs, lower arms, chest/backplate, shoulder plates, and helmet. These pieces will look different between each Archetype, especially in the case of the chest, helmet, and shoulders; those knee spikes here are a special cosmetic detail unique to Advent, and each Archetype will have at least one other feature that is unique to their armor.


I like the first 8 as well, although spider looks more like a cobra skeleton or something, Hydra leans more towards Gorgon/Medusa and I have NO idea what a Gullinbursti is, even though I dig it.

The second 8, just about reversed, I think Mountain and Nature are the only ones worth saving from this batch of ideas, Behemoth being borderline, as, even though I personally dig it, as it sticks out with it's curves a little too much. Too gentle, not as much of the jagged and, again, organic feel the first group have, which I like because it gives them a little more of a... savage, unrefined look to them. One could say, they look more Archetypical, doh hoh... Yeah, anyway, seriously, it gives them a sort of primal look that I think fits the theme.

As for the suit concept, nice, it looks pretty cool, and the idea of having the same soft under-suit for everyone with unique hard pieces, while certainly not original, is a good choice. It both gives unity of aesthetic while still allowing a good degree of diversity.


American Tokusatsu!!!
I have NO idea what a Gullinbursti is, even though I dig it.

The Gullinbursti is from Norse mythology, and was a giant, living metal boar constructed by the Dwarves... a fitting mythical animal for the element of metal!

And I certainly agree with you in regards to the second batch of emblems; Mountain emblem came off as too tortoise-like [I meant for more of a brachiosaurus with mammoth tusks coming out of it's chest!], Spirit is the worst off because unlike the others, it doesn't have a living creature, but was meant to be either a levitating "obelisk", as the name implies, or a golem. Water has been a nightmare trying to create a nice looking logo, even after actually developing a clear design for the mythical creature behind it [basically a mix between a sea turtle, mosasaur, and hammerhead shark, current names I'm playing around with is Cetus and Leviathan]

I'm actually happy with Sand, though I'll probably sharpen it up to fit more with the "primal" appearance of the first 8 designs, same goes for the Sky emblem. Wind's going to have to go through some changes too, it's very hard trying to incorporate the element of wind into a tiger motif, aside from that God awful "tiger stripe fan"! Then there's Thunder... honestly, I think that it's going to have to be the black sheep, being a coiled snake vs. the face or frontal silhouette of the others.

Thanks for the honest critique, it really helps!

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