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Advanced Warfare Zombies Mode To Follow As DLC
Last night saw the release of the latest title in the biggest franchise in gaming – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Prior to release at the beginning of the weekend, a leaked trailer seemed to suggest that the fan-favorite multiplayer zombies mode would be making a return, which sparked a huge amount of interest.
Zombies mode, the co-operative mode which sees players fighting off hordes of the undead, has been officially confirmed now, however it looks like the mode will only be available through the Season Pass – as part of future DLC drops. Although the previously released footage showed soldiers fleeing from a horde of the undead, players will have to wait before they can access the multiplayer mode...

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I hope they will come up with something new because we had Zombies before. How about Vampires, Reptilians, A.I that have gone rogue and Aliens. Even Resident evil took a break from Zombies once in a while.


This year, we will not get a New Call of Duty Game, so this is a great distraction. I always love shooting zombies. There is something relaxing about giving them a headshot.


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I love dealing with hoards of zombies. In Real life, I will not survive them if they are real, but I can take them down in video games.