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So ordinarily we post these Adult Swim premiere articles when the weekend starts. Why are we doing this one now? Because AS is starting BEFORE the weekend this week. One of the coolest shows they’ve ever produced, Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal, premieres its second season TONIGHT.
Primal is Tartakovsky at his Tartakovskiest. It’s a nearly dialogue-free cartoon about a caveman and a T-Rex teaming up to help each other survive in a primitive world — it takes the vibe of Samurai Jack and takes it to another level. Adult Swim provided no description of what happens in tonight’s episode, but that’s probably for the better….you want to go into these cold.
Primal returns tonight, Thursday, July 21 at 12 AM ET/PT. If you miss this showing, you can catch the same episode when it reruns on Toonami Saturday night at 12 AM ET/PT. And of course it will be on HBO Max the next day, which you might want to leave running even if you already saw it on AS, as streaming numbers mean a lot these days...

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