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This week’s Adult Swim premieres are the same deal as the last few weeks — Primal on Thursday (AKA today), Tuca & Bertie on Sunday.
We have no idea if tonight’s episode of Primal is the midseason finale. The previous two times the show has run, it’s been in five-episode bites with a year or so between them. This is the fifth episode, but AS hasn’t used the words “season finale” or “midseason finale” or anything, so we have no idea if there’s more Primal next week or a repeat. What we do know is….nothing, because we can’t see it.
Literally, AS can’t show anything from tonight’s episode because their contract with Genndy gives him control over what appears in the promos. (That must be a nice contract to have!) And apparently anything would be a big spoiler. The show left off with what had to be the most violent thing AS has ever aired with Spear and Fang at war against an entire Viking clan. They managed to win, but the chieftain wasn’t there, and when he returned and saw everyone...

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