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Last week we printed the episode of Shenmue that aired that week would be the season finale. I swear that’s what the press release told us — we can’t be held liable for typos from official sources. THIS week they claim Robot Chicken will be airing its season finale — I guess we’ll just see if another one shows up next week.
First off is the first-ever airing of the Robot Chicken episode “May Cause Season 11 to End” (if this is another typo, it’s a pretty big one). According to Adult Swim’s official description of the episode, “The Robot Chicken gang thinks Barbie George Washington would’ve made a fine Floundering Father and the Nerd fixes the Mandela Effect with disastrous results. Robot Chicken says farewell, but is it goodbye?” Very unlikely — this show makes too much money.
One day before then, Toonami kicks off with another new episode of the latest AS / Crunchyroll co-production, Shenmue: The Animation. Here’s where we are in the story:
“In “Comeback,” To find Yuanda Zhu, Ryo...

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