Adam Driver Is A Stranded Astronaut In Sony's 65

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<p>Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, the writers and directors behind the horror hit A Quiet Place and its sequel, are teaming up with producer Sam Raimi to bring us 65, a new action film starring Adam Driver next spring.</p>

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Who would have thought that he will become the most successful actor from the 3rd generation of Star Wars. Its cool he is in a space movie again!


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I find the overarching concept of the movie's plot to be fascinating. A being from a more developed civilization crashes lands on a planet that is still developing, and this being is forced to engage in combat with the planet's original inhabitants in order to survive. There's a chance that this will usher in the modern era. If this film creates the impression that dinosaurs are dreadful creatures that might be lurking outside your window while you sleep, that's fine with me. Even though dinosaurs are the least of their concerns, I like the atmosphere it creates and how it makes the viewer wonder, "Are they going to survive all this chaos? "


It's a welcome change that it's not a remake or reboot, and it seems to have worked out well. What are the chances that the uncharted asteroid he mentions at the beginning makes a cameo appearance in some way at the conclusion of the story? It's sort of like an astronaut meets Jurassic Park scenario. Hollywood, thank you for creating something genuinely original and frightful! I am sold Sam Raimi AND "A Quiet Place,"' writers! Oh, this is going to get really heated. I'm so happy that someone in Hollywood realized that, despite their incredible value, dinosaurs can also be quite frightful.

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I'm disappointed that this movie failed to accurately depicts dinosaurs in light of scientific research. Dinosaurs' bodies were covered in feathers! Compared to lizards, they are more closely related to birds. I want to vomit at how inaccurately dinosaurs are portrayed in Hollywood.
The main plot twist—that they went back in time to prehistoric Earth—seems to be revealed in the trailer, isn't it? It's similar to how Jurassic Park and the original Planet of the Apes were combined.


A prehistoric survival horror film is a novel and exciting concept! This appears to be a mashup of Jurassic Park and After Earth. It's encouraging to see filmmakers and studios making original content instead of just another sequel of a sequel of a sequel of a reboot of a remake. Sam Raimi is a director with a Great resume so I am giddy and stoked for this.


Because it's a time-travel film, they must travel through time (worm hole). Of course, you collided with an asteroid that was supposed to destroy the dinosaurs and end the human era. or did the opposite happen and throw it off course, causing it to collide with the Earth and begin the human era? They either went back in time or were early humans who arrived on Earth to populate it. I can't wait to find out


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It looks to be a superb movie. They most likely traveled through space and time by entering a wormhole, which returned them to Earth in the present day. The idea of seeing this film in a theater has crossed my mind. That's pretty cool for something that isn't a Marvel or Disney film. Because they come from the future, it's possible that people in the future have completely forgotten about dinosaurs and the past. As a result of this, they believe they have arrived on a planet inhabited by aliens. If that is the plot, then this is going to be fantastic. In any case, I couldn't be more pleased.

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