Actress Playing Hana Taking a Break?


I really missed the point. I didn't realize Hanna was missing untill I find this thread. I'm glad she is recovering and reading new Den-O script.

After she complained about overwork, I hope Ishimori and Toei don't cut off her contract by pushing an end to Hana's role. She's one of my attention in Den-O anyway. I like when she said, "Zettai yurusanai" to the Imagins =D

I do not think it will happen.


I really don't want to think that way. But I can't get it off my head >_<
She's one of my fave chara there. So I kinda miss her appearance. I do hope she'll return soon...


It's not like updating your blog takes a lot. Sick people can do that. I hope it isn't anything bad, but what if she has some sickness that she doesn't want everyone to know about? Maybe she doesn't want to worry people to bad or whatever.. Who knows, but I'm sure she has good reasons behind it.