Actress Playing Hana Taking a Break?

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Found this over at TVN:

And takenoko with the translation:
Actually... I was afraid of this.

I don't think it's a spoiler to say that she's visibly absent in the recent episodes of Den-O. I had suspected that she was sick, but was hoping she was just on break

I hope she gets better and comes back soon.

Edit (Translated the article):

It looks like about halfway through July she began complaining about overwork, and she took a break. She was notably absent at the August 4 debut of the Den-O movie (Ah,so that's why Naomi was filling in for her)

The article talks about how little she is in the August episodes, and how she's completely gone in the first two episodes in September.

I can't talk about the next part without getting into spoilers, but although it looks like a "last resort matter" apparently without it the story cannot proceed correctly.

However, she's continued to update her personal blog. And has expressed a desire to return to filming. She said she felt motivated watching the movie. (8/27)

However, in September she said said she cannot talk about her situation. And she apologizes to everyone for the problems she's causing to the viewers, cast, and staff.

There are some fans that tell her to rest, and that they will wait for her return. But there has been criticism that even though she's on a break, she still has time to update her blog

I don't watch the show, but she was my favorite part. :disappoin

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I didnt really notice till i read this that she has been absent. that sux cuz she is a very important part of the story, with her time being destroyed and all. but, if she has personal issues, im sure the writers can get a little creative with the story while she is absent. and if they cant, well, that just sucks. :(
Unless she really was sick, this "overworked" thing sounds a tad too diva. If she's overworked, Sato Takeru should be half dead by now.


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sato takeru doesn't model tho, does he?

besides takeru complains about how lonely it is being an actor

Takeru is a model. He was an "idol", or well, is an "idol". So he models and does various "idol" things.

Takeru doesn't complain anymore, but he did a lot -- especially when he was attending school. He's graduated now so he's more free to do what he pleases and has more room in his schedule. Before he would film, go to school, and then come do ADR straight after school.

I think the sick business happened prior. Because Den O is filmed months prior, its not a live filmed show. They wrapped up filming for the movie in April, so the show probably wrapped up in May. They can't possibly be doing a road show and filming Den O at the same time.

I say filming for a new Kamen Rider starts around in the fall, like Takeru mentioned filming of Den O around September/October and ends in the summer.


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In the end, whatever the reasons behind it, the important thing is that Yuriko gets better and if possible, is able to return to filming the rest of the series.


Someone commented on her updating her blog even though she is "sick" well... when you're sick from work what do YOU do?.. you relaxe & sleep & watch tv & even check you're email & what not the odd time if you're up for it! Even when you're sick you have you're ups & you're downs :)

& could someone explain the entire concept of "idol" to me or does that need its own post?.. :D the jist of it I get is that they run around & do whatever and if they become popular enough they move onto larger things like tv and such?.. :S

they also do a lot of nudie type shots when they are a idol as well?.. :S seems sort of weird
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Guy's rest assured, she updated that she is recovering. She started work and mentioned that she is preparing for the new Den-O script. .but she did not said anything about comeback ..but preparing the script means there will be a return of Hana. Oh ya, before she was sick, she overdo as she shifted house.


She is a Gravure Idol which means Dresses and swimsuits (NO NUDES) she does many photo shoots and they are released as Photobooks, DVDs, and other merchandise (calenders, cards and such).

Now someone compared this to Takeru but remember he has some series acting experience and even he was felling the stresses of the show, where this is Yuriko's first time out. Now somewhere around 50 episodes + a movie + special + all the promo work and ADR , and in addition all the work she has to do for her agency would make anyone tired and susceptible to getting sick. I'm glad to hear that shes felling better and will resume working, which means it was nothing serious.

A thought popped into my head, we also don't know what kind of stresses the company Execs are putting on them to get better ratings, that in it self could lead to stress.


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Well, this is technically Takeru's first big role. I doubt PuriPuriD, a show aired at midnight, had as much media attention as Kamen Rider.


Well, this is technically Takeru's first big role. I doubt PuriPuriD, a show aired at midnight, had as much media attention as Kamen Rider.

Yeah but he still has more experience with shooting schedules and the other crap that come from working on a series because of it.

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Nakamura said on his blog that the river scene in ep 30 was filmed in early July, so they probably just wrapped up around August.
Actually, I'm pretty sure filming doesn't end until around December or early, early January.

Anywho, this all reminds me of what happened last year and Hiyori's actress, a lot of people thought her sickness is what caused her lack of apperances on the show when she should have been getting more.


I really missed the point. I didn't realize Hanna was missing untill I find this thread. I'm glad she is recovering and reading new Den-O script.

After she complained about overwork, I hope Ishimori and Toei don't cut off her contract by pushing an end to Hana's role. She's one of my attention in Den-O anyway. I like when she said, "Zettai yurusanai" to the Imagins =D