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Hey, JC :D Just wanted to know how the audition process was and overall how much fun was it to act in Power Rangers. Most importantly, do you have any advice for a young actor who wants to get the role of a Power Ranger? Acting advice in general?


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The audition process was simple - they get you to do a simple scene (mine was asking a girl out to the prom). Then they call you back if they liked you. And we were just called back to a final audition where they get you to do another simple scene - I can't remember what it was now. And Doug asked me to do some kung fu moves.

But leading up to that I'd done 3 years of drama school and many other years of acting classes. So my advice is learn how to act from as many sources as you can. Get a good agent and then try to get an audition. Having said that - I think a lot of luck goes into getting any role - they see over 2000 applicants every year - for 6 roles. So sometimes they'll just miss some great talent I'm sure.

But keep trying!
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