ACen 2011!!!


Hey, I'm Eian.
Who's gonna be there!! I'm looking forward to seeing people again this year~

I'll definitely be cosplaying Hino Eiji~ There's a possibility of Momotaros and King from the J-drama IWGP ^__^


I'll be there as well, lol. Hooray for getting drunk all weekend long!!

Also, I got 2 panels: Sports in Anime and Fist of the North Star. Please come by and check them out


Hey, I'm Eian.
Only one reply? Saddddd

Well, I've got a few cosplays planned so if any of you will be there look for meee~

Kamen Rider OOO - Eiji/OOO
Kamen Rider Blade - Mutsuki/Leangle
Kamen Rider Den-O - Momotaros (not a suit, as though he was using Ryoutarou's body)
Keitai Sousakan 7 - Keita
Ikebukuro West Gate Park (J-drama) - King (of the G Boys)
I was planning on this being the year I'd be there... :laugh:

My 8 week old son says no! I'll live it out vicariously through you guys. Have fun and take plenty of pictures!

Savior Den-o

The Meteor has landed
I;m going, if I get a ride that is :redface2: If I do, I'm probably just gonna look around, buy some stuff, and leave :D

The Black Sun

I live right next to the Rosemont...I'm right there...BUT I CAN'T GO!! :shakefist

I've missed out on Acen for like...three years already :disappoin

Blazing Tiger

Like a Tiger boss
Omg sounds like fun. I wanna go. I should save and go to cons more often. id love to cosplay too. Yall take pics for those of us who cant go.

Dark Kabuto

In Justice, We Trust!
Unfortunetly, I can't go since I'd have to fly out. But if anyone can get me FLOW's autograph, I'd love them forever:anime:

The Black Sun

How will we know it's you? :)
I'm probably gonna wear something normal I think a white hoodie with the word "quiksilver". If not, you see an filipino guy with the t-shirt "collige" that's me lol I don't have anything fancy and I don't have anything to cosplay with haha

BTW This would be my first con. Any advice for the new guy?