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The Scream Man

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I tend to blabber, so if you arent in the mood for a lengthy post about....well, me, then skip this over.

So as I am want to do when joining a new forum and seeing no obvious "If you're new, introduce yourself here!" thread, I decided to start one for myself. Egotistical, sure. But then I make short films, do a podcast and customize toys, all of which I put out there, so ego isn't usually an issue for me.

My name's Craig, I'm a nerd from the wilds of Sydney, Australia. As I said a above, my nerddom has many flavors, but first and foremost I'm a toy guy. Oh I read a bunch of comics, like anime, sci fi and fantasy books, watch a stack of TV and movies and likes me a game of D&D, but mainly toys.

let's see... 31, married and work in a Sales Admin role, nothing exciting. But enough about me.

So many of u have probably seen Linkara from ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com, who does a series called "History of Power Ranger" which exlpores each season of the show as he watches, or rewatches it. As a kid, I missed the right age of MMPR, so when I finally did see it I tho0ught it was really dumb. After the first couple of seasons, I didn't really pay any attention at all. HOPR somehow got me....curious.

I suppose it isnt unprecedented. i love magic armors and transformations. I used to watch Sailor Moon with my sister for the transformations. I loved anime like Guyver and Takkaman, and always dug me some Iron man, long before the movie made him big. The concept of a 'magic' armor is just one thats so cool, and can be done extremely well. Years later I would discover Saint Seiya and become hooked on it as well. i remember watching some Kamen Rider and Super Sentai Henshins, but thats as far as it went.

Anyway after HOPR I started watching some of the PR shows on Youtube. About the only one i got more than a few episodes into was SPD, which is still the nly PR show i have managed to finish. After it was done, I stumbled across an episode of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, and maybe it a fair way into that. Loved the designs, and then bought a couple of the figmas. But that's as far as it went. i sort of lost track. Until i got talked into Gokaiger.

An old friend said I should try a Sentai right from the start like he was, and showed me TV-Nihon. i grabbed some eps and became oddly enthralled. And it wasn't just the way better action sequences, it was the overall acting. Sure it was still aimed at kids and still goofy, but the cast were taking it seriously, and not just sleeping through like the American actors were. You could tell that they were taking their job seriously, and that made all the difference.

I wanted more.

Being obsessive compulsive about these things, I couldn't just half ass it. Oh no I had to go nuts and get all of the W series. And then when i finished that, all of Decade. And then simultaneously watch Kabuto and Faiz. And that doesn't include all the S.H. Figuarts I have bought recently.... I'm so far hooked.

So I have started listening to your fine podcast, and I will more than likely harass many of you across many forums here. my lengthy and self important intro is now over, so I shall go forth and discuss across these forums of Justice.

Let's make a show of it!