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Seth Larson

A Memoir Blue is just a short game created by ANNAPURNA INTERACTIVE. Most players gets to finish it in a matter of 70 minutes it will, but it will impact you for a lifetime. It is a game that you can introduce to your friends and loved ones who don’t like video games. You play it for the story and the experience. This game is an interactive story with no violence and sex, and it is just pure storytelling that pulls heartstrings.
A Memoir Blue is a Game I will recommend to people who say video games are not an art form. . Well, this is more of a movie in that you can interact. It is poetry for the eyes as you experience a psychedelic emotional journey.
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On This Fame, you play Miriam. She is a swimmer with a successful career and has an estranged relationship with her mother. She just won another competition, but she still feels emptiness because of something in her past. Miriam will...

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Killer BBB's of Zone
Walking simulators like this will be the future of movies. I believe movies will be more interactive in the future. Netflix already had two interactive movies.

Cure White

I finished this game today. I played the STEAM version because its cheaper. The game conveys emotions that will make you learn the power of forgiveness. I have no grudge and resentment with my parents but I have friends who have and now I felt how to be on their shoes.

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