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British crime movies focused on revenge are frankly a dime a dozen. So when one comes along that separates itself from the crowd, that’s a film worthy of excitement. BULL, the new film from writer/director Paul Andrew Williams (LONDON TO BRIGHTON) is definitely that. It tells the story of a low-level enforcer, the titular Bull (Neil Maskell, PEAKY BLINDERS), who returns to town to look for his missing son and take revenge on the people, including his wife and her mob boss father (David Haskins, SID AND NANCY), who viciously double-crossed him ten years prior.
Based on that synopsis, BULL may sound like a very straightforward experience however it is anything but typical. The world of the film feels akin to a waking nightmare full of dingy dwellings and dark back alleys haunted by Maskell’s ferocious, yet unassuming, boogeyman. A sense of dread hangs over every moment and when that tension is broken with Bull’s carnage, it’s not the catharsis one might expect based on the film’s...

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What does the Fox say?
You are right about British crimes movies. There are a lot of them with the out for revenge plot. But I have to say that most British crime films never disappoint me. I like British actors and actresses. They usually make for worthwhile entertainment and keep you involved from start to finish. I saw “Bull” in a line up of movies. Thanks to your comments I might just add it to my watch list.