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In 1997 Saban and Fox Kids teamed up to revitalize the sagging Ninja Turtle franchise by blending it with the Power Rangers formula to create what remains the only fully live-action Turtles series. Despite an official crossover with the Power Rangers (IN SPACE!) Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation failed to catch on and lasted just one season. Not only that, it was despised by Eastman and Laird, with Laird in particular rumored to get agitated by just the mention of Venus DeMilo, a fifth Turtle he had no say in creating.
That show, and Venus in particular, remained a buried footnote in Turtle history…until today. 24 years after her forced retirement, the first female Ninja Turtle is back, to be reintroduced in an upcoming storyline from IDW’s Ninja Turtle comic series.
IDW won’t reveal just how Venus enters the picture, but this will be the setup for Issue 127, in which she first comes back: “The Turtles have their hands full navigating the factions of Mutant Town, a quarantined...

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I didn't Venus De Milo and think she is swell from that Live Action series when I was a youngster. The show was afterwards cancelled, and I never knew the reason. Until I learned how to use the internet, I seemed to have no idea that the fans loathed her back then.
People despised her so severely that the Ninja Turtles' creators imposed a "no female turtle" rule.


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I'm irritated by her given name. Everyone else has a name after a great artist. Then the name they chose for her is a name inspired by a man's work? If she was meant to show girls that they, too, can be mutant turtles, why didn't they name her Artemisia or something similar? Her design is also grotesque. Giving her boobs makes her look awful. When she was retconned, I was like Good riddance! Now they are bringing her back?😾☠️