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Everybody loves eating breakfast! Some of us love pancakes, some of us love toast,some of us prefers bacon and eggs but nothing beats a bowl of cereal soaked in milk.
No one, As in None!
Cereal Killaz: Tony the Tiger vs. Lucky Charms Leprechaun fighting to the death?
Yes, you are not dreaming! One of the most random yet creative ideas for a 2d fighting game is currently having a Kickstarter. They needed funds of $50000 minimum to make this 2d fighting game about Breakfast Cereal Mascots. The Kickstarter stretch goal is up to $1500000. The number of the roster will depend on the funds they can collect for 28 days.

To avoid legal battles and copyright headaches. The characters will be parodies of the household name Cereal Mascots. These are the character roster so far. It is a very interesting cast but I am a bit disappointed with the lack of females.It is still an interesting roster nonetheless.
Mikhail Dingle is the leader of the development team. The team is...
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