8.9 Earthquake hits Japan, creates massive tsunami

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I see the American Red Cross has now listed a Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami selection on their donation page. Please consider giving if you haven't done so already.

American Red Cross Donation Page

Also according to a Red Cross tweet, you can text REDCROSS to 90999 for an automatic donation of $10 to the Red Cross. It'd be added to your phone bill, of course.
Thanks for the link. I donated $25 earlier, but I think I'll toss another $15 now.

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I was thinking the same thing but, doubted myself on saying it because I wasn't sure if it was in good taste or not.

Same thing happened when they renamed the Rocket Daggers to the Rocket Boosters due to the Akihabara Massacare.

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This is very disappointing. Luckily, I know that some Japanese friends of mine are safe, but I do worry about everybody else in Japan, and there may be some people who have died. My condolences goes to all of Japan and I hope that this tradgedy ends sometime.

Wow, this is terrible. My thoughts go out to everyone effected and hope this passes with minimal loss.

This pic makes me teary eyed...


Same here.


No, but I highly doubt they will use the name 'Final "Wave"' again.

Speaking of that, I predict that Toei would now change the name of the Gokaiger's finisher from "Final Wave" to something else now, to not remind Japan, etc., about this horrible tragedy.

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Had Shinkenger still been airing, I'm sure they would've had to change Dokuko's motives all together....and left out the flooding scene in the last episode.

Although...it makes me wonder if they'll keep that scene in for PR Samurai.

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Man, i think we should set up like a Marathon for charity.
We get someone to do something like Watch Toku or Play Video Games for as long as they can and broadcast it to raise money.

I'd be willing to do that!

I really like this idea. :)

This is completely horrible. I cried seeing all the damage and hearing about the death tolls. Nobody should have to deal with this kind of thing. My heart and prayers go out to all those affected (in any way) by this disaster. Please stay strong and remember that you are not alone.
This is the time to rise and become heroes in our own right to help those in need. If you can donate please do, if you can't, please spread the word.


Hey, I'm Eian.
I've just sent a donation to the Red Cross. I'm hoping that my professor and I can set something up in one of the common buildings on campus to gather donations. I'm praying for everyone in Japan.

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I donated $20 to the American Red Cross. It's not much but if everybody gives what they can it will make a big difference.


Hey, I'm Eian.
I just wanted to mention that Matsuzaka Tori (Shiba Takeru, ShinkenRed) and Takeda Kouhei (Kurenai Otoya, Kamen Rider IXA) have updated their blogs stating they're okay.

It also appears that Ebisawa Kenji (Ishihara Gunpei, Go-On Black) is alright, though he hasn't updated his blog. A fan had mentioned in the recent comments on his blog that he's seems to be okay.

I'll keep an eye out for other blog updates.

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