70s Kamen Rider must-see eps

Title pretty much says it all. What episodes from 70s Kamen Rider shows do you think are definite must-sees, and why? I'm hoping to hear stuff about each of the seasons. :)


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Well, i have only watched a few classic series, but i do have my favorite moments so here we go.

Kamen Rider Episodes 16-17.

This is the second Ichimonji arc, in which shocker plans to kill a lot of people using Pyrasaurus Death Fog. Why is a must see you ask? Because Pyrasaurus human identity is that of Masked Wrestler Satan Mask, and the whole thing reaches his climax in a "Lucha Libre" encounter between Kamen Rider and Satan Mask.

As someone who grew up watching "El Santo" movies, these episodes were like 11 kinds of awesome.

Kamen Rider V3 Episodes 11-12.

These episodes bring on the end of the first arc of the show, and they do so with a bang; this story revolves around Tama Junko realizing that Kazami Shiro is V3, essentially bringing their "romance" subplot to a climax. This arc contains one of my favorite moments in all of Kamen Rider: in episode 11 Kazami Shiro goes "mano a mano" against Pickaxe Shark, in what is probably the greatest aquatic battle ever filmed. Seriously, the thing goes on for like then minutes as both Shiro and Pickaxe shar are dragged by a boat, only to land near an islad and continue their fight in the shore, and only then Shiro Transforms and they continue to battle LITERALLY under water.


This are noteworthy because of 2 things: Toad Boiler being my favorite kaijin ever and the introduction of Doktor G, but even without that these are some pretty good episodes with plenty of drama.

Episodes 33-34.

This are the legendary episodes were Ichigo and Niggo return to help V3 fight against Baron Fang. I don´t want to spoil the (many) awesome moments but let´s just say these episodes are the stuff of Legends.

Kamen Rider Amazon Episodes 07 and 08

This episodes are NOT and arc whatsoever, they just happen to be my favorite episodes of the show out of their sheer insanity. The first one involves the Snake Beastman (and a battle on board a roller coaster) and the second features the Crocodile beastman (and a bloody waterfall).

Well, that is it for me, maybe someone else has awesome moments from the shows i haven´t watched (yet).


Kamen Rider Stronger.
Episode 35 to 39 (the final)

The last episodes of Stronger were meant to wrap up Kamen Rider as a whole, and it was just amazing.
ALL the old Riders returning, acting both in an out of their suits, getting their own focus episodes, complete with original BGM and everything.

No team-up episodes after this has ever been able to top it.
Ivnhobe, Scissors, thanks for your comments! :thumbs:

I've seen the first 13 eps of the original Kamen Rider. I'd say all 13 of them are must-sees. Each of them do a basic representation of what Kamen Rider is all about.

I suppose at least the premiere ep for each of these shows too.~

I agree that the Stronger finale was amazing. Perhaps the best finale period. Everyone should check it out!


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Original series:
You can follow up from the first 13 and before 16-17 and watch 14-15. IIRC this is Taki's first time doing something he's known for a lot (he's really proving he's worthy of that badge) and well, it's the introduction of Rider 2 and full of legendary moments.

I want to say the arrivals and departures of villains, but they might be better received if you watched said villains run rampant for a while before they exit.

Episode 30. An exit of a villain... I think in this case I can give an exception as it still stands on it's own just great and if you were to watch previous recommendations you'd be a bit used to him anyway. Again, I use the word ''legendary''.

Episodes 50-53... ugh, I want to give in and say the last 13 episodes... 50 is another epic villain exit. After that it's the introduction of a new one and the Riderman arc. Your choice.

Episodes 1-7
Episodes 8-21
Episodes 21-35 (with the movie somewhere there)
Choose your arc. Or the whole series. Or the movie. I can't... I can't recommend a single episode only. Well, maybe Starfish Hitler's or Spider Napoleon's.

Episodes 15-17
Episodes 27-28
Episodes 41-47, or just 47?
If you liked a previous Rider you can pick their comeback episodes too.

Episode 42.
Jin Dogma are my favorite villains in all of Kamen Rider. Though maybe it's because they are what they're badly presented... villains aren't supposed to be loveable, right?
You might have heard about Super-1's second half, how it changed to a lighter, more kid-friendly tone.
What they don't tell you is that they went INSANE to do it. And it shows perfectly in this episode.
I always kind of joke that Jin Dogma's Evil Council of Dooooooom!11!!! is what the Taros would be if they were villains.

From the serious side, the first 2 episodes show that pretty well. Previous Riders had been resilient, dedicated people and martial artists... but Kazuya surpasses them all here.


16-21. Or just 18.
30, 34-35.
And again, I can't resist but say the last 10 or so.
If you're planning to watch the whole series I'll warn you that whenever you a character called Taki Ryusuke appears, it means the series is about to do something big. Unrelated to him, it's just the coincidence.

Those are all I can think of at the moment. You can just watch the movies too, though you'd have to settle for HK subs mostly, if you can even find those in the first place.
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As far as the first Rider series goes, Ichimonji is a pretty amazing character. I also feel like watching the arcs involving Zol and Shinigami Hakase are pretty unique experiences. Those two villains are quite interesting. In fact, the whole Shocker portion of the show is some pretty good classic stuff.

Khaiden, I've seen the Riderman episodes, and I think all of his episodes are definite must-sees. I think he's easily the best part of V3.

I know both X and Stronger are pretty under appreciated and many haven't seen them, but for the people who have seen them, they're usually quite passionate about these two shows. The whole entirety of both X and Stronger seem to be praised quite a bit by the majority of fans who have seen these two.

You know, I rarely ever hear much about Skyrider. Whenever I do, it seems the show is remembered for it's epic team-ups.~

Khaiden, while ZX is an 80s Rider, yes I do agree with you that ZX is a must-see. The film is pretty fun. But I think what makes ZX a must-see imo is just the protagonist himself. ZX himself is just downright awesome. Also, his suit rocks! :thumbs: Though speaking of ZX, would the Kamen Rider Spirits manga be a must-see? I heard it's basically like "the ZX series."

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