7 Netflix Shows with a satisfying conclusion

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Randy Faustino8

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Right now a Show being in a top 10 doesn't mean anything anymore. Netflix will cancel even shows that are in top 10. I guess guaranteed safety will be a show in top 5.


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These shows are also in Netflix and all of them are complete: Friends, Derry girls,Fresh off the boat, Kim's convenience, The Good Place and Orphan Black.


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Stranger things is going to join that list soon. Netflix confirmed that it is going to end at Season 5 and Season 5 is not even aired yet. The only Scifi from Netflix that I consider to have a satisfying ending will be Lost in Space. It has three successful Seasons. Izombie is also good along with some Pre-Discovery Merger CW shows like Arrow and Supergirl.


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Though Russian Doll has risk of getting canceled, They always have satisfying endings on its two seasons. The show never ended with cliffhanger. So even if they cancel it in Season 2 you wont feel bad because Season 2 ended with a great conclusion. I wish all show runners are this smart and treat every season as stand alone instead of ending with Cliffhangers.


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Miss Kayleigh, Thanks for making this list and to the people who replies, thank you for making recommendations because it saves me from the same emotional damage I experienced from Warrior Nun and 1899. I will watch Netflix smarter now, I do not want to be disappointed again.


Breaking Bad should have been on the list! I also recommend the Limited serials of Netflix like Inventing Anna, Queen's Gambit,clickbait,Selfmade,finding Olly,Bodyguard and when they see us.


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I am such a resourceful girl so I can add more to the list: Orphan Black,Carole and Tuesday, The Good Place,Inventing Anna, Ozark,The Good Nurse, Izombie, Arrow, Yuyu Hakusho,Prison Break and friends. I hope my contribution is helpful enough. I hope this thread will be super active so people will be saved from depression.


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Netflix is not Afraid to alienate their customers because they are number 1 but it sucks they let algorithm to decisions for them.


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Friends is also in Netflix not an original but it has all seasons. All shows tagged as limited series have endings,


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Thanks for making this list because most lists online, always mixed canceled shows with complete shows. This better get viral.


I am still upset that Emily in Paris is about to join this list. I can't believe a show that bad got renewed for three seasons and is about to have an ending. I hope the ending is that Emily gets hit with a meteor.


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Narcos should be in the list because it has 5 seasons, multiple spin offs and it made a star out of Pedro Pascal.


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Dark was filmed in my hometown and I remember trying to watch the filming from a far. I never thought a German Show will reach Global levels and outlived many American Netflix shows.


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Glitch (Australian Show, There is a different Korean Show of same title but its a different plot and unrelated) is really Good despite the flaws, The final season is rushed because they found out they are bout to be canceled, so some plot holes got left but they still managed to make a banger of an ending. It is only 3 seasons but they made an ending. I agree about European have higher chance of a complete run but sadly Netflix canceled 1899 so they are now always safe. Korean shows are shorter so expect an ending by the last episode.


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Yeah finished shows are better viewing experience because I will have less worries.


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Young Royals is making the list as its 3rd season is confirmed to be the series conclusion. They survived the Season 2 curse and gets to have an ending.


Young Royals is making the list as its 3rd season is confirmed to be the series conclusion. They survived the Season 2 curse and gets to have an ending.
It's heartbreak to see your favorite show going down without any satisfying conclusion. I am yet to try Young Royals so I will be checking this out soon.

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