24th Power Rangers Season Audition Tape


Hey HJU!

I put this together in hopes of gaining enough traction to merit a real audition. This is my dream job, I think we've all been there as kids, and even now; we want to be Power Rangers so I made this. It's not much, but I want to show what I might look like in the role.

I'm a huge fan of the material, and I feel I would be a good fit as any of the male heroes on the team. I'm a Minneapolis based Actor and Filmmaker, so this would be huge if this found its way into the right hands. I've had many roles in shorts and even an upcoming feature scene with Woody Harrelson on his new film: Wilson, which is filming near me. I would love feedback and support. I love this community and I know I would do everything in my power to help make one of the best PR season to date. Following Dino Charge won't be a simple task, but I'm up to it!


Please leave some feedback, I would love to hear from the community!
Thanks HJU, you rock!
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You should do another audition tape in case the 2017 series is based on 'Ninninger', Squallcharleson. Otherwise, it's a good video tape. :thumbs:


I was thinking this very thing the other day!
I'd love to do a Ninninger video for Power Rangers. I might just start writing one up! :coolshades: