2021 Kamen Rider Rumors


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Rumors have started coming out, & they're a bit hard to decipher.

First one:
Name: Kamen Rider Victory
Theme: House, cards, map symbols
Belt: Is like a house
Other details: Window, chimney

Name: Kamen Rider Victory
Theme: Sports, spies
Belt: is like a house
Other: Two rival riders who will have to work together to defeat a greater evil.

Names: Kamen Rider Victory & Kamen Rider TheLost
Theme: Sports, spies
Other: belt has home & away modes

So, as best as I can tell from this, the series will be Sports based. The belt will be based on home plate, with the spy angle probably being based around calling it "home base" & they are pentagonal, hence the house reference. The Riders' names imply a winner & a loser. Probably all the other details are erroneous, hinting at a house themed belt. They just were not making sense because house & home are not that connected to a house shaped home plate.


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I still remember the days when Kamen Rider just had a main rider and a secondary rider. I think the muti-rider concept has gone so stale, its not even funny anymore. You can make more toys without introducing more Riders. But I digress. Not feeling the sports and house motif.