10 Unforgiving Games That The Developers Never Wanted You To Complete

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10 Unforgiving Games That The Developers Never Wanted You To Complete

Video games can be incredibly difficult. In fact, many gamers want their purchases to be hard rather than a quick and easy snore fest that doesn’t provide any sort of challenge. Often time they will require the player to experiment in the way they play the game or force them to learn new techniques to progress. Other times you might have to persevere with a tricky section that needs total concentration. Whatever the case you can normally either see what you have to do or come up with the answer...
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Although I consider myself a fan of Douglas Adams--I absolutely adore The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series!--I had honestly never heard of Bureaucracy prior to reading this list! It sounds hilarious! I'll definitely have to seek it out! (A humourous session of simulated, exaggerated bureaucracy could strangely reduce the stress built up from frustrating encounters with its real life counterpart!)

As for the rest of this list: The only entries I've played for myself are Ninja Gaiden and Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts. Both earned a rightful spot on any list of truly difficult video games!


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Your list is pretty good, but lacks several key games like Battle toads and contra, people rip their hair out over those games.

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