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There's going to be a new 3D adaptation of Cyborg 009, directed by Kenji Kamiyama, who directed Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex and Eden of the East! Production IG seems to be the studio. The trailer looks awesome! I hope this project will make it (looking at you, Kihei Senki Legacies)! I'm looking forward to this movie!

The staff is awesome, and I'm hoping there will be an awesome cast of seiyuu! I can't tell who the narrator is in the trailer. But it's probably the seiyuu of Joe Shimamura.

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[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrmbrbQ6c40&feature=player_embedded"]??????????009 RE:CYBORG?????PV - YouTube[/ame]

The announcement of this movie not only reminded me of Kihei Senki Legacies, a CGI mecha anime series, but also the CGI Gatchaman movie that was in the works. I was looking forward to both of them. Well, I'm not sure if Gatchaman is cancelled or not, but Kihei Senki Legacies might be. I hope they'll make it through. At least one of them.:D


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Looks interesting. Nice to see someone making an attempt as showing how the Ishinomori "surgical scars" work (someday, Rider, someday.)

And I guess we're back to light-haired 009 again.


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I thought so, but they only seem to be shown on 005. It would be cool to see them on Joe as another way of showing that he activated his time slowing ability.

Oh yeah, I remember reading a little of Kamen Rider Spirits, and I think I saw the surgical scars appearing on Hayato's face when he was about to transform or something. And now that I think about it, could those lines appearing on the Kamen Rider Double character's faces when they're about to transform be a reference to the Ishinomori surgical scars?

The scars actually look cool, like on Hayato's face as far as I remember. Are there any more Ishinomori characters in any manga or show that have the surgical scars as well?:D
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