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science experiment gone wrong
what exactly is this SHF/UA Ultraman figure supposed to be from anyway?
A manga that's currently going in Japan. It stars Hyata's son wh's able to operates the armor because he inherited an Ultra gene from his father that was left behind when Ultraman separated from him.


闇 戦士
Maybe the Ultra-act line is just becoming unpopular in general? Almost every release is an exclusive. I don't understand why the manga Ultraman gets a regular release but Cosmos and 80 are exclusive. I've preordered Cosmos but it's still an annoying trend. Anyway I'm looking forward to hopefully getting Ultraman Neos and Ultra Seven 21 at some point as well as the MIA Ultraman Powered. More dark/evil Ultra's would also be nice.


闇 戦士

Her and Glitter Tiga will be in a 2 pack set as exclusives of course. I guess this means Hudra and Dahram will also be 2 packs.