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Besides reissues, Ultra Act hasn't done a retail release in a while. I was hoping for them to announce Ultra Act Victory soon.

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It's also a blog entry dated October 31 of last year. I definitely wouldn't hold my breath on an official release, but it was made for display at Tamashii Nation 2014 so it was legitimately under consideration.


The Ultramans that are likely to be release by the end of this year would be Ultraman Nexus, Ultraman Cosmos, Ultraman Victory Since they are the only Ultras in the new movie "Ultraman Ginga S The 10 Ultra Warriors" that have yet to get a Ultra-Act Release. Ultraman Ginga (Strium Form & Victory Form) are likely too. Other than that, it seems like it is the year of the Tigas too with the new release of the renewal Ultraman Tiga Sky Type and Power Type, i can see Tiga Dark, Blast and Tornado all being in the same package set. (Tamashii Exclusive of course.. ) And Ultraman Tiga (Glitter & Stone Statue) will be a set (Again Tamahii Exclsuive)

And here is how i think it will be announced
July - Ultraman Tiga Dark, Blast, Tornado Set (Tamashii Exclusive)
August- Ultraman Tiga Glitter & Stone Statue Set (Tamashii Exclusive)
September- Ultraman Cosmos
October- Ultraman Nexus
November- Ultraman Victory (Tamashii Exclusive)
December- Ultraman Ginga *Strium& Victory Set* (Tamashii Exclusive)

Again this is only a prediction ! Let's Discuss


OMG I would be SO happy if that Rumor is True !!! I also hope they release Gantanzoa and the 3 Dark Gaints kamila, Hu dra, and Darramb eventually!


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New Images of the Ultra-Act x S.H. Figuarts Ultraman (Manga ver.):



And it seems they updated the page and Sky Type now matches the purple bits on Multi Type, as it should. But the banner image on top still shows the wrong bluish color.

Not to mention, the reflection of Sky Type's leg is a completely different color than the figure...this photoshop moment has made my day.

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