“Harley Quinn” Animated Series Renewed For Season Four At HBO Max

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James Harvey

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HBO Max has renewed the Harley Quinn animated series for a fourth season ahead of the cartoon’s season three finale on Sept. 15, 2022. Season three of Harley Quinn, exclusively available on the HBO Max streaming service with new episodes dropping every Thursday, finds Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in a relationship together and attempting to terraform Gotham City. Harley Quinn will also undergo a creative shuffle in season four.

Sarah Peters (Workaholics, Master of None, Nathan For You), who has written on the series since season one and currently serves as consulting producer, will be elevated to executive producer and serve as showrunner for season four. Peters is taking over from Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker, who were the previous showrunners and originally developed Harley Quinn with Dean Lorey.
“We are ecstatic that HBO Max wants...

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Whale Mutant Kun

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Well it deserves renewal because it manage to keep everything fun and fresh. I never thought I will like seeing a Suburban dad Joker who feuds with a Karen. I heard Kiteman will be given a spin off.
Season 3 has been Good.The third season is very amusing. This news came as a huge comfort to me. This is definitely wonderful news after the recent Warner Bros. content massacre. I was scared of this show's fate after what happened to Arrowverse and Batgirl.


The Kung Fu Irish Princess
Unpopular opinion but I miss the time when Harley and Ivy are just friends. They made them romantic just because some fans are shipping them. I wish they waited a bit longer before they pull the trigger. What happened in Season 2 felt force and unnatural,

george mendes

Purple rain!
My HBO Max subscription is only on whenever there is a Season of this show. This is what a Deadpool cartoon should have been like.


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Well when the funs are happy with the exciting episodes then why not continue producing more,harley-quin is fun to watch and i also am skeptical as why those two characters had to be intimate now when they were perfect as friends.Friendship is awesome.


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This Show made me accept the fact I am lesbian. I am living my truth now! My parents cannot complain about me ending the bloodline as I got pregnant at 16. I already gave them grand kids.


I liked the previous 2 seasons but got busy with something that kept me away from the 3rd and now since the 4th one is coming I am more excited.

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