1. Toku Prime

    Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 07 & 08 (Wizard tribute)

    Mayonnaise! This double episode: A man gains an obsessive desire to protect a woman he barely knows, the story hinges on an (engagement) ring, and Beast has barely anything to do with the story yet is vital to winning the day. This really is a Wizard episode! Also, I'm surprised they didn't...
  2. Zillas01

    What do you think haruto's phantom form would look like?

    If is inner phantom is wizardragon what would his outer phantom look like?
  3. N

    [BUYING] Kamen Rider Wizard LAND and HURRICANE rings

    Hey All! As said, I'm looking for Kamen Rider Wizard rings Hurricane and Land (base, non-dragon form). Does anyone have any leads? Or any offers, for that matter? Thanks!
  4. P

    [SELLING] Wizardriver, Flame Dragon ring, L Ring extenders

    Asking 85$+5$ shipping for the everything. PM me if you're interested or have an offer.
  5. K

    If superhero taisen Z is a success i make an fanart of it.

    I am writing this thread because since superhero taisen Z will premiere at april 27th in japanese theatres,i want to know if every fans are satisfied with the film unlike the previous and first sueprhero taisen and has good reviews (except box office it doesnt matter) i swear i will make a fan...
  6. firestarter1331

    Review: R/D Kamen Rider Wizard (Flame Style)

    Toy Review: R/D Kamen Rider Wizard (Flame Style) - YouTube
  7. Keriasmadness

    [BUYING] (Buying) Wizard Rings and stuff!

    Looking to buy the Following Wizard Items. ~Candy Toy/DX Rings~ Hurricane Land Engage Dragorise Time Defend Copy Bind DX Set 1 or 4 ~DX Items~ Ring Holder/Belt Loop Plamonsters Garuda, Pegasus, Kraken, Cerberus, Gryphon and Golem (not sure Golem is out yet) Wizard Gun/Sword
  8. K

    What would a kamen rider Handoff look like?

    You know after seeing every super sentai handoffs since dekaranger-magiranger (upto go-buster-kyuranger) I thought to myself what would a kamen rider handoff look like here is the list starting with Faiz-Blade about what the kamen rider handoff will look like (based on the comment from...
  9. K

    Rider tan showa era (ishinomori style)

    Kamenrider,rider-tan,ishinomori,tokusatsu Ever since I look at the moe-personification of the kamen rider franchise called “rider tan” I thought I can make one but this time to the showa era, I made them in ishinomori design only to the ones in television (from ichigo to RX) I draw them almost...
  10. TJOmega

    DX Flame Dragon Ring Set

    So over at my YouTube channel I'm doing an event I call Toycember, a daily micro-review series for the month of December. I didn't want to flood the forum with each one or keep bumping one topic for the new reviews, but this one seemed appropriate to post on it's own: DX Flame Dragon Ring Set...
  11. zeronxepher

    DX WizarDriver Review - Kamen Rider Wizard

    What's the magic word? DX WizarDriver Review - Kamen Rider Wizard - YouTube For best results, watch in HD
  12. K

    connection between two symbols of kamen rider series ichigo and kuuga

    Kamen rider 1971 is the start of the kamen rider series Kuuga is its revival and the beginning of the heisei series But is there any connections between these two well almost but the symbols they are almost similar to each other While looking at those two symbols i realize they have similar...
  13. O

    how many rings does wizard have

    does wizard only have 25 rings or will it be much more to perform his magic? if i go after the wizardriver along with the ring sets and whatever other sets the rings are split up with, will it be only that many rings for the entire line or will there be more? and will final style be accessed...
  14. K

    Olympic special theme for both kamen rider and super sentai

    You know olympics (london 2012 ) is over but i thought of some special olympic theme thing for both tokusatsu franchise (kamen rider and super sentai) if toei can use them ,it can be used to dedicate to the 2016 summer Olympics (Rio 2016) (or the winter olympics 2012 (sochi 2014) if japan is...
  15. tigerblood

    unKameCast ----> PEZ's Sweet Nothings

    http://wp.me/p2foY6-7f Fourze 33 Kyoto always makes me think of 02, and I love the "Edo" outfits some of the KRC gets into. Also the plot is beginning to tie its off-shooting elements together, YEAH!! This was a fun episode. Super Hero Time dated: 4/29/2012...