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    V-Build 01 - Minipla Gosei Great This is a test run of a new type of content I want to do on my Youtube channel. Any subsequent ones should have much better lighting and sound. :D Not sure if this is more appropriate for Fan Reviews or a different subforum, if it needs to be moved...
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    Vangelus Review 102 - Robot Damashii Shen Hu This dude was part of a great sale over at HLJ, it might still be on:
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    Vangelus Review - Rider Figuarts Week

    Day 1 - February 21 2010 Intro: Vangelus Review 78 - SHFiguarts Kamen Rider Agito (Ground Form): Vangelus Review 79 - Popynica Machine Tornader: Day 2 - February 22...
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    Vangelus Review 76 - Robot Damashii Arios Gundam This transforming Robot Damashii reminds Vangelus of a creamsicle. If you want to buy one, you can get one here:
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    Vangelus Review 74 - VF100's VF-25F Alto Messiah Custom There are partsformation montages! If you go to the video's youtube page, there's also a clickable chapter list. :D Also, if you do want to get one, HLJ has them here:
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    Vangelus Review 69 - Spreem's Women

    Vangelus Review 69A - MMS Yoko Vangelus Review 69B - Revoltech Fraulein Yoko Vangelus Review 69C - Motion Revive KOS-MOS Ver.4 (Buy her here...
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    Vangelus Review 65 - Figma Drossel With cameos by another line starting with "Fig"! ----- As far as getting ahold of one, I think HLJ has her on Oct. Restock, but that's not usually a concrete thing.